Croydon Story

“Before Ethical Lettings we were living in private rented accommodation in Croydon. We have 3 children and most of our earnings went to rent and household bills. I wasn’t earning much and it put a lot of pressure on me. The heating system in our old property wasn’t good and we often slept in the cold. When we asked the landlord to repair them she was unwilling to do it. The house became very damp and it was quite frustrating when we were paying so much to sleep in a damp, cold house.”


We were able to assist the couple to find a lovely 3 bed property in Redhill. We supported the family with their housing benefit claims so that they could manage their rent and bills. No longer stressed about finances and unsustainable housing, the family were able to  get back on track without the worry of scraping to make ends meet to live in a property with extremely poor conditions.

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