Rebecca’s story

Rebecca needed help when she was served with a notice from her previously rented property as the landlord needed the property back for the purposes of selling. A self employed cleaner with two teenage daughters, Rebecca was struggling to find a High Street Agency that would assist her due to the difficulty in referencing her self employed income.

We found Rebecca a lovely three bedroom flat in Hampton Hill. Three months ago, Rebecca’s regular rent payment became more sporadic.

Knowing immediately that something wasn’t right we encouraged Rebecca to engage with us so that we could support her further.

Rebecca’s daughter had been suffering nasty bullying at school. Rebecca had taken the decision to take her daughter out of school and provide home schooling. She had spent her rent money setting up the home schooling and because she wasn’t doing as much cleaning, her earnings had reduced. But she was too proud to claim the Housing Benefit to which she was entitled. Desperate to try and learn a new trade she could do from home whist home schooling her daughter, she has taught herself how to sew and is now making cushions to sell on Ebay. Ethical Lettings have supported her through this process, helping her budget, encouraging her to make a revised Housing Benefit claim, advised her on the set up and accounting of her new business and agreed an affordable repayment plan for her rent arrears.


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