Covid-19 update for landlords

If you have a vacant property to let we are still taking on properties at this time and offering guaranteed rent. We still have potential tenants waiting for properties and you may be worried about a property being empty over the next few months as the full effect of the pandemic takes hold. Call us or email us today to make an enquiry.

For our existing landlords we are continuing business as usual as much as possible but we are keeping a close eye on Government guidance. At the moment all staff are still working from our offices but we have systems in place to ensure that we can all work from home if this is necessitated.

We have a team of contractors who are continuing to carry out maintenance work in our managed properties.

At this time, we are not carrying out any non-essential inspections of properties so as to protect our members of staff as well as the most vulnerable of our tenants.

We do have tenants that are self-isolating or may need to self-isolate in the coming weeks so please be patient if we are unable to facilitate access to your rented property for this reason.

When you meet any members of our staff we will be operating with a no-touch policy (please don’t be offended when we don’t shake your hand) and will be following advice around hand washing and hygiene in accordance with Government guidelines.

If we are due to meet you, it is important that you notify us if you have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms so that we can ensure none of our community or staff are put at risk.

If you have any concerns whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact us.