Lettings Agents

We don’t just work with Landlords direct we work with Letting Agents too. We regularly take on properties under company lets with the expressed permission to let to our permitted occupier. We don’t chop and change our occupiers, most stay for at least 18 months at which time we only re-let with your landlord’s permission.


We already work with a number of Agents across the South East who support our service. For them we are an easy Tenant – the rent’s always on time and paid in full, we visit our occupiers regularly so there are fewer property inspections to carry out and there’s always a rational individual (ie us!) to talk about any concerns.


Give us a call today to discuss any properties you currently have, and we can arrange a free rental valuation.


Local Authorities & Charities

We have established referral arrangements with a number of local authorities and charities across Surrey and South West London.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our service, if you would like to work in partnership with us, or if you would like to refer a client. Please note that we are not a charity and there are charges for our service to cover our own operational costs.


Our current partners include:


Waverley Borough Council – landlord resource centre